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2011 Spring Newsletter

Spring 2011


Human chorionic gonadatropin (HCG) is a naturally occurring hormone that is manufactured by embryonic tissue. The presence of HCG in the urine or blood causes a pregnancy test to read positive.

A British endocrinologist named A. T. W. Simeons learned that one of the purposes of HCG is to protect a developing fetus in case of a famine. If a pregnant woman has insufficient caloric intake, the HCG allows her to access her sequestered stores of body fat in order to continue to safely nourish her pregnancy. These targeted body fat stores are not normally accessible, even with calorie restriction, dieting, and vigorous exercise.

Dr. Simeons learned that if you give non-pregnant obese patients a small amount of HCG each day, along with a very low calorie diet, the patients burned between 1,500 and 4,000 calories of their own body fat each day. With these fat calories circulating in their bloodstreams, the patients did not experience hunger, despite a Spartan diet consisting of less than 500 calories per day. This resulted in a loss of 0.5 to 1.0 pounds of body fat per day.

During a treatment cycle, HCG is administered for a minimum of 21 days and a maximum of 40 days. During a 40 day course, an obese patient can potentially lose up to 34 pounds. Furthermore, the fat loss is targeted to those difficult to reduce areas: abdomen, waist, thighs, hips, and buttocks. The diet protocol includes a maintenance program following the HCG phase, which enables the patient to maintain his or her new set point of body weight. During this maintenance phase the patient is able to increase quantity and variety of foods in order to satisfy hunger, while ensuring that the daily weight remains stable. Following six weeks of maintenance, a patient could then do another course of HCG and lose another 34 pounds, if necessary.

During the 1950’s, Dr. Simeons directed a clinic in Rome where he treated thousands of overweight patients, and claimed a 60-80% success rate for keeping the weight off. This high success rate compared favorably with other weight loss programs. He claimed that his method permanently reset the appetite control center in the hypothalamus of the brain. Kevin Trudeau introduced Dr. Simeons’ protocol to America in his book, The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About, published in 2007.

When I read Dr. Simeons’ manuscript, I was very skeptical but also very interested, so I tried his protocol myself. To my amazement, I lost 18 pounds in 23 days without hunger, and maintained adequate energy and a pleasant feeling of well being, despite eating a very small quantity of food. Since then, I have advised and treated fifty patients. Although one patient was unsuccessful, all the other patients were impressed, satisfied, and enthused by their success with the protocol.

If you are interested in learning more, you can obtain a copy of HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide from our office or from Amazon. Read the book from cover to cover so that you entirely understand the protocol. The protocol only works if you follow the directions precisely. Then make an appointment to see me in the office so that we can discuss your situation, goals, and assess if the protocol is right for you.

If we determine that you are a good candidate for the protocol, I will order some blood screening tests and then I will prescribe the HCG. Dr. Simeons used HCG injections in his clinic, however, I prescribe an HCG nasal spray, which is much easier to administer. During your course of HCG, you will be required to email me your weight daily, along with any questions or problems you may be having. We will meet again when your course of HCG is almost complete, to discuss the maintenance phase of this protocol. This daily communication and support is essential to the successful completion of the program.

The upside of the program is:

  1. Temporary use of a naturally occurring, inexpensive, human hormone rather than a synthetic chemical drug;
  2. Absence of hunger;
  3. Quick results;
  4. Targeted loss of difficult to access body fat;
  5. The allowed foods are very healthy and are readily available at any grocery store; and
  6. Exercise is not required to achieve weight loss.

The downside is:

  1. The allowed foods are very limited and specific while you are using HCG;
  2. You cannot eat at a restaurant, drink alcohol or soda, or stray outside of the dietary guidelines for the days you are using HCG; and
  3. During the days you use HCG, daily caloric intake is less than 500 calories and you are strictly limited to eating only the foods and quantities specified.

Only those who are committed to following the instructions precisely should attempt this protocol. A serious commitment is required. However, successful results will improve your quality of life for many years to come.

The HCG protocol shows great promise for treating obesity, which unfortunately is an increasingly common medical condition that is threatening to overwhelm our health care system. Dr. Simeons’ method offers rapid and lasting results. With the loss of excess body fat and the improvement in appetite control, you can expect to see amelioration in diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and possibly other chronic diseases.

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I have recommended the use of fish oil supplements for many years. The long chain omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which are the active ingredients in fish oil, are deficient in the American diet. The list of benefits offered by these compounds is nothing short of miraculous:

  1. Promotes cardiovascular health – protects against heart attacks and strokes.
  2. Reduces inflammation and pain, protects joints.
  3. Supports mental focus and cognitive function.
  4. Improves mood and emotional well-being.
  5. Improves eye health.
  6. Improves pregnancy outcomes and improves brain function and eye health in the newborn.
  7. Improves fat metabolism and cholesterol profiles.
  8. Lowers the risk for prostate, breast, and colon cancers.
  9. Stabilizes blood sugar and insulin levels.
  10. Improves athletic performance by increasing oxygen delivery to muscles.

Since fish oil is so valuable, I have always endeavored to supply the very finest quality products to our patients. The best source of EPA and DHA are fatty fish that live in cold water and feed on plankton and algae. The pollution of the oceans has made it more difficult, to isolate the omega-3 fatty acids without the pollutants. As a result, the Canadian company that provides our EPA/DHA concentrate, ends up with one pound of concentrate for every 100 pounds of raw fish oil, following their extensive extraction and purification processes.

We have each finished batch of our concentrate tested for purity by an independent lab. We hire the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) laboratory to test each of our batches for mercury, lead, arsenic, PCBs, dioxins, and oxidative damage. We are proud to report that all of our batches have earned a five-star top purity rating from IFOS. For more details visit http://www.ifosprogram.com/IFOS/ConsumerReport.aspx.

Due to toxicity concerns, I do not recommend buying cheap fish oils with undocumented purity from discount vendors. For the same reason, I do not recommend using cod liver oil, since fish utilize their livers to isolate and remove toxins they consume.

Recent claims have been made on the Internet about the superiority of “krill oil”. At the present time, there have been very few studies done on human health using krill oil. The published research has all been performed using EPA/DHA concentrates, in tens of thousands of studies during the past 10 years. Furthermore most marketed krill oils have not yet been independently analyzed for purity. Krill oils also have much lower amounts of the active omega-3 fatty acids. Krill oil proponents claim that the EPA and DHA are better absorbed, but this is unlikely to be significant since the total quantities are so much lower. Finally, krill oil is much more expensive per gram of EPA and DHA than higher quality concentrates. Purity and concentration considerations are especially important to pregnant and nursing mothers, children, and those undergoing therapy with high doses of fish oil for medical conditions.

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My patients often ask me why other medical doctors and the public media never discuss the same advances in medicine that I talk about. Here are some examples of their questions:

“I feel so much better treating my PMS with bioidentical progesterone cream. Why don’t other doctors prescribe it?”

“Why don’t we hear about the increased risks of developing breast cancer or infertility from synthetic hormones and birth control pills?”

“The HCG diet you recommended was terrific in helping me to lose weight quickly and easily. Why don’t we hear about this program in the media?”

“If fish oil is so great, why doesn’t my psychiatrist or my husband’s cardiologist recommend it to us?”

“Why doesn’t my OB doctor ask me about my prenatal nutrition?”

“If your Cesarean section rate was only 6%, why is the national rate over 30%?”

The answers to these questions are based on economics. Many of the treatments that I recommend are based upon substances that occur in nature such as progesterone, HCG, or fish oil. A substance that occurs in nature cannot be patented. In order to receive a patent, pharmaceutical company chemists must make some change to the chemical structure. The new substance, then protected by a patent, can be manufactured and sold at a higher price.

A simple example is progesterone. Progesterone not only relieves PMS symptoms in premenopausal women, it also improves bone strength, protects against breast cancer, and is essential for supporting the normal development of a pregnancy. A synthetic equivalent, Provera, has two minor additional chemical groups tacked on to the progesterone molecule. It is promoted as a synthetic progestin with some similar effects to progesterone, but unfortunately it also has many adverse effects. The synthetic version has the following adverse effects: instead of protecting an embryo, it will kill an embryo; instead of protecting against breast cancer it will cause breast cancer; instead of protecting against heart disease, it can cause abnormal blood clots. Thus, even a minor change in chemical structure of a human hormone can result in significant changes in its physiological effects.

Drug companies are not economically motivated to promote natural remedies that do not generate significant profits. Also doctors become entrenched in recommending treatments that they have used for many years. As a physician it is difficult to change what you have been recommending, or what you were taught in the past. Changes in a doctor’s practice may be perceived as an admission that previously he has not done the best for his patients. For example, breast thermography is a promising technology that detects heat differentials in the breast without exposing the patient to any harmful radiation. Breast cancers stimulate new blood vessel growth, which results in greater warmth in the surrounding tissue. If thermography were to be found superior to mammography for detecting breast cancer, it would be difficult to change the habits of primary care physicians, gynecologists, radiologists, and oncologists who all have been avidly promoting mammograms for many years. Furthermore the hospitals that have made significant investments in mammography technology would be hesitant to spend additional money to replace their existing units with thermography machines.

Economic entrenchment in the enormous inert structure of the medical care system makes it difficult to change the status quo. Positive changes need to emerge from the patients who have experienced success with alternative treatments and who have spread the word directly to their friends and relatives and to a wider audience through online social networking.

During my lifetime, La Leche League instituted the greatest revolution in medicine that I have ever seen. In 1958, a group of seven mothers in Franklin Park, Illinois, got together in their homes to educate themselves about breast-feeding issues, because their doctors knew painfully little about the subject. Doctors at that time were extolling the virtues of feeding infants formula. This mother-based network eventually spread nationally, and then internationally. A modest grassroots movement expanded and forced the pediatricians and infant formula manufacturers worldwide to change their advice and outdated positions about feeding babies. This example shows how powerful your voice can be. I encourage you to speak up about your positive results with alternative medical treatments. By spreading the word, you can stand up against the medical and pharmaceutical industries that make billions of dollars promoting their own interests, whether or not they are in the best interest of the consumers.

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Dr. Elvove is available 24 hours a day for urgent inquiries. Certain telephone or email medical consultations, which are not related to an office visit, may incur a charge.

The opinions expressed in this newsletter are based upon information available at the time of publication. These opinions are designed to stimulate discussion and thought regarding current health topics. They are not designed to substitute for a personal consultation with a physician who is familiar with your unique medical history.

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